NewHydrogen Reports Progress in the Development of Its Breakthrough Green Hydrogen Generator



Baseline performance of the Company’s prototype has been fully benchmarked using commercial catalysts and is now available to evaluate the Company’s novel low-cost and high-performance catalyst technology.


SANTA CLARITA, Calif. — NewHydrogen, Inc. (OTC:NEWH), the developer of a breakthrough green hydrogen generator that uses renewable energy and water to produce low-cost green hydrogen, today reported progress in the development of its prototype. The prototype benchmarking phase has been completed and is now available to evaluate the Company’s novel low-cost and high-performance catalyst technology.


To establish the benchmark performance of current commercial catalysts, a systematic acidic water splitting test was conducted using a five-layer membrane electrode assembly (MEA) stack embedded with commercial platinum and iridium-based catalysts. The benchmarking test confirmed that the prototype’s performance was closely matched with the advertised performance associated with the commercial catalysts commonly used in commercially available electrolyzers.


The next phase in performance evaluation is now underway which includes activity transition into electrolytic cell, evaluation of long-term stability, hydrogen production rate, specific energy consumption and estimated overall costs of the Company’s new catalysts.


“We are very pleased with the results of the recent benchmark testing at UCLA,” said Dr. David Lee, CEO of NewHydrogen. “We look forward to the completion of the next test phase which will fully demonstrate the performance of our durable catalysts using this prototype set up. We believe that our technology will help accelerate the adoption of green hydrogen, providing a clean energy alternative to power a wide range of applications.”


The Company believes that its latest accomplishment is a significant step toward the goal of developing a novel green hydrogen generator. The prototype green hydrogen generator will continue to serve as a platform for incorporating additional next generation component innovations to be developed by the Company going forward.


About NewHydrogen, Inc.


NewHydrogen is developing a breakthrough green hydrogen generator that uses renewable energy and water to produce low-cost green hydrogen. Hydrogen is the cleanest and most abundant fuel in the universe. It is zero-emission and only produces water vapor when used. Hydrogen does not exist in its pure form on Earth so it must be extracted from a source that contains hydrogen. For centuries, scientists have known how to split water into hydrogen and oxygen using a simple and elegant device called an electrolyzer. Unfortunately, an electrolyzer – the primary component of a hydrogen generator – is still very expensive. NewHydrogen is developing breakthrough technologies to enable the next generation of low cost electrolyzers. Our initial focus is on replacing and reducing expensive rare earth materials, to help usher in the green hydrogen economy that Goldman Sachs estimated to have a future market value of $12 trillion.




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