Iberdrola Successfully Supplies Green Hydrogen to CAF in Zaragoza for the Dynamic Tests of the FCH2RAIL Project Demonstrator Train



Iberdrola has successfully completed the supply of green hydrogen to CAF in Zaragoza for the on-track dynamic tests of the hydrogen-powered demonstrator train of the FCH2Rail project.


The solution for supplying hydrogen consisted of transporting it from Iberdrola’s hydrogen plant in operation in Barcelona’s Zona Franca, the first to be commissioned in Spain for commercial use, to Zaragoza, and the installation of a dispensing solution that allowed the train’s tanks to be loaded with the greatest guarantees of operability and safety. This is the first time that green hydrogen has been refilled in a semi-trailer for distribution in a commercial hydrogen station of these characteristics.


These tests reaffirm the commitment of Iberdrola and CAF, which have formed an alliance to promote the use of green hydrogen in the railway sector and in passenger transport, born of the conviction of both companies to offer comprehensive sustainable mobility solutions, ranging from the supply of rolling stock and refuelling infrastructure to green hydrogen production plants and renewable energy infrastructures.




Iberdrola’s first supply of green hydrogen to CAF confirms Iberdrola’s interest in driving the development chain in the region, as the company plans to supply green hydrogen to CAF for this project and others to be developed by other companies from the future hydrogen plant of the Green Mobility PLAZA project, in a region that is a pioneer in research thanks to the work of the Aragon Hydrogen Foundation.




In its commitment to leading the energy transition, Iberdrola is spearheading the development of green hydrogen with more than 60 projects to respond to the electrification and decarbonisation needs of sectors such as industry and heavy transport. It is thus at the forefront of the new technological challenge posed by the production and supply of hydrogen from 100% renewable energy sources in the electrolysis process.



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