Hynion Signs an Attractive Land Agreement at The Truck Stop in Västerås


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Hynion once again advances its position as the leading operator of hydrogen refueling stations in Sweden. This time by signing a land agreement at the truck stop in Västerås, STOP128.


Hynion has been granted a grant of SEK 61.4 million from the Swedish Energy Agency to build two hydrogen refueling stations with a capacity of 1,500 kg of hydrogen per day. The stations are to be completed in 2023. A land agreement was recently signed in the Torsvik logistics area south of Jönköping. Now Hynion signs another land agreement at the STOP128 truck stop in Västerås.


STOP128 is a modern truck stop with fenced parking, direct connection to E18, restaurant, several different fuel stations and a full-service workshop with truck wash hall. The truck stop is a natural hub for commercial heavy traffic in Västerås and is close to ICA’s central warehouse. In the region, there are many companies that operate significant vehicle fleets and that have already shown an interest in starting a transition to fossil-free vehicles.


Slavica Djuric, CEO of Hynion Sweden, said:


It is incredibly gratifying to once again be able to inform you that we at Hynion have succeeded in obtaining a very attractive land agreement for our hydrogen refueling stations.


“We look forward to being able to contribute to the conversion to zero emissions for the heavy traffic in the Mälar region. Västerås Municipality has been involved in the process and supported the project, and the location at a highly active truck stop is perfect,”


Monica Stolpe-Nordin, Municipal Councilor C Västerås City, said:


We in Västerås municipality see this project as an important milestone in the work that the municipality does in the area of sustainability.


“Västerås is a world leader in energy development and we see this establishment as an important piece of the puzzle for continued development. We are also increasing our opportunity for more fossil-free traffic, which is a must in order to reach the climate goals,”


Work is now being intensified with the applications for building permits and other necessary permits for Hynion’s future operations and other preparations for the establishment.


Johan Arver, CEO of Stop 128 AB and continues:


It is gratifying that Hynion will establish a large hydrogen refueling station with us in Västerås. It will stimulate the phasing out of fossil fuels for heavy traffic.


“We can already offer liquid biogas (LBG), liquid natural gas (LNG), RME 100 and electricity”.


Source:Hydrogen Central


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