Ballard fuel cells successfully installed onboard the ‘world’s first’ liquid hydrogen-powered ferry


Ballard has today (November 18) revealed its fuel cells have successfully been installed onboard Norled’s MF Hydra liquid hydrogen-powered ferry, ahead of the vessel’s first sea trials next month.


Set to be the ‘first’ ferry in the world to be powered by proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells running on liquid hydrogen, the milestone comes as a significant step toward the introduction of hydrogen-powered maritime operations.


Having received DNV Type Approval Certification, Ballard says its two 200kW FCWave™ fuel cell modules that have been integrated into the vessel meet stringent safety, functional, design, and documentation requirements for the maritime industry.


In February this year (2022), Ballard revealed it would supply the fuel cells for the ferry which has a capacity for up to 299 passengers and 80 cars and is expected to sail on the triangular route between Hjelmeland-Skipavik-Nesvik in Norway.


“The FCwave™ module is a true plug-and-play solution, providing an optimal zero-emission replacement for conventional combustion engines onboard ships,” commented Thomas Therkild Petersen, Marine Product Line Manager at Ballard.


He added, “It is a high-power, adaptable engine in a hybrid electric system that incorporates fuel cells working together with batteries to provide efficient, zero-emission power. With this real-world example, we can help to ‘demystify’ how we reduce the complexity of fuel cell technology integration – which may still be quite new to some ship operators.



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