Rhino HySafe Announces Success from Hydrogen Explosion Relief Panel Testing


Panels designed to reduce the risk of explosions at hydrogen refuelling stations have successfully completed full-scale testing according to Rhino HySafe.


The subsidiary of Rhino Engineering Group carried out physical testing at RAF Spadeadam in Cumbria, UK, which it says demonstrated prompt panel opening ahead of flame-front arrival, and swift transition to a fully opened configuration, allowing free outflow of the flame-front and combustion products.


Following the tests, Rhino HySafe said complete retention of the panel elements was demonstrated, which it says validated the design of the structural cassette and associated fixings.


Rhino intends to bring the UFER (ultra-fast explosion relief) panels to market in 2023 in a bid to support global organisations in minimising the damaging effects of hydrogen explosions within commercial settings.



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