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Detailed Introduction


The operation and management platform of the intelligent hydrogen refueling station independently developed by HYFUN is used to safely monitor the operation of the hydrogen refueling station. HYFUN Energy adopts the Internet of Things technology to develop an intelligent hydrogen refueling station operation management platform (Hyfun Operation Center, HOC). The platform has the functions of self leakage monitoring, fault diagnosis and early warning, equipment health inspection, self-learning, temperature control management, energy efficiency management, and statistical hydrogenation volume. The self leakage detection system is applied to all equipment in the HYFUN hydrogenation station, and the system is also applied to the pipeline of the whole station to detect trace leakage through computers. It does not require personnel to spend a lot of time on patrol inspection, providing a solid security guarantee for unattended hydrogen refueling stations in the future.


The HYFUN hydrogenation station provides the whole station safety interlock. As long as the gas leakage, fire alarm, equipment fault signal, etc. are detected, the emergency cut-off valve will be automatically closed, the gas source will be cut off, and the signal will be uploaded to the HOC platform to improve the safety of operation. In the shutdown mode of the hydrogenation equipment, HOC can continuously conduct real-time detection of hydrogen leakage in the equipment pipeline system, which can ensure that small hydrogen leakage is found, and maintenance measures are taken to eliminate hidden dangers and reduce the patrol inspection load of personnel.


HYFUN has a professional operation team. The team has accumulated five years of rich experience in the operation of hydrogen refueling stations, and has established an excellent operation management system for hydrogen refueling stations, including the Management System for Fire, Explosion and Smoke Prevention in Hydrogen refueling Stations, the Safety Management System for Fire and Gas Explosion proof Systems, the Safety Management System for Vehicles in Hydrogen refueling Stations, the Management System for Electrical Rooms, the Management System for Equipment Failure Warranty, the Cross Management System for Hydrogen refueling Stations Emergency Response System of Hydrogenation Station, Waste Material Management System, Special Emergency Plan for Explosion of Special Equipment, and Special Emergency Plan for Fire Protection.


Application Areas:

Hydrogen energy 


Service Advantages: 

The engineer team of HYFUN Energy adopts the operation mode of "THym Comprehensive Hydrogen Management" and independently develops the HOC (Hyfun Operation Center) system to improve the reliability of safe operation of hydrogen refueling stations, ensure customer satisfaction of hydrogen refueling services, and achieve a new integration of Internet of Things technology and hydrogen energy sources.


A professional hydrogenation operation service team has established a sound operation management system and applicable operation procedures, with traceable hydrogenation operation records and comprehensive daily management.


Service Cases: 

Zhengzhou Maozhuang Hydrogenation Station


Company Brief Introduction:

Founded on May 12, 2016, Hyfun Energy is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the investment, construction and operation of hydrogen refueling stations. In 2021, Hyfun Energy alredy completed the round C financing and became one of the leading enterprise of domestic hydrogen refueling stations in three years, accounting for about 25% of the domestic market performance. The hydrogen energy industry belongs to the emerging strategic industry in the Fourteenth Five Year Plan, and the hydrogen refueling station belongs to the middle reaches of the hydrogen energy industry. The company has mastered the key process research and development and technology of the core hydrogen refueling equipment to realize the localization of products. By the end of 2021, the company had applied for 233 patents, including 97 invention patents and 40 authorized invention patents. In 2021, it passed the certification of intellectual property standards implementation management system, and won the patent demonstration enterprise in Jiading District, Shanghai. The business layout of the company is based on the hydrogen refueling station. In the whole industrial chain layout of hydrogen production, storage and transportation, hydrogen hydrogenation and hydrogen use, the company maintains the domestic leading position in core hydrogenation technology, and jointly develops magnesium based solid hydrogen storage technology with Shanghai Jiaotong University to solve the problem of hydrogen storage and transportation bottlenecks. The company has won many honors, such as national high-tech enterprise, national specialized and new small giant enterprise, Shanghai Jiading District Science and Technology Little Giant, Shanghai Jiading District Enterprise Technology Center, Shanghai specialized and new small giant enterprise, Shanghai small giant enterprise of science and technology, the most scientific and technological innovation award of "Maker China" Shanghai SME Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in 2021, and the top 500 of the sixth "Maker China" SME Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.


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