Nebula MEA

Manufacturer: Guangdong Taiji Power Co., Ltd.


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Detailed Introduction


Through the  combination of a strong technical team comprised of overseas experts, the ability to manufacture in China, and control of core MEA components, TaiJi's MEAs offer an unprecedented combination of performance and durability at ultra-low cost, eligible for the full subsidy points for China’s national subsidy program.
  • Taiji’s MEAs show exceptional performance and power density. (Test conditions: 75 ⁰C, 100% RH, 150 kPa)

  • Cathode Durability (Voltage Cycle):Taiji’s MEA shows superior cathode durability after 30,000 cathode voltage cycles (US DOE protocol) compared to the MEA manufactured by a global leader.
  • Anode Durability (Reversal):Taiji’s MEA shows superior reversal time (285 min) compared to the MEA manufactured by a global leader (222 min). Taiji’s MEA can maintain a reversal voltage > -1 V for much longer (187 min) than the global leader’s MEA (45 min) meaning the anode is subjected to a far lower degree of damage during the 90 min reversal, resulting in only 2.0% performance loss.


Application Areas:

Primarily designed for Refire's POLARIS stack, powering Refire's PRISMA 110kW fuel cell system for heavy-duty applications. Offers an exceptional cathode voltage cycle durability and reversal tolerance.


Technical Specifications:

Active Area 250 cm² (Can be customized)
Pt Loading ≤0.45mg/cm²
Power Density ≥1.4 W/cm²
Cathode Durability
≤ 5 % voltage loss @ 2 A/cm² after 30,000 voltage cycles;
≤ 30 % ECSA loss after 30,000 voltage cycles
SU/SD Medium to High
Reversal Tolerance
≥ 180 min @ 0.2 A/cm2,
< 3 % voltage loss @ 2 A/cm² after 90 min reversal.
Certifications Taiji-Power is an IATF16949:2016 certified company. Our mass production MEAs show a standard deviation < 6 mV @ 2 A/cm2 and thus demonstrate excellent reproducibility of our products.


Company Brief Introduction:

Guangdong Taiji Power Co., Ltd. was established in Foshan, Guangdong Province on September 26, 2018. It has an internationally leading core R&D team in the fuel cell industry and first-class batch engineering technicians and equipment at home and abroad. Also fully equipped with a complete industrial synergy chain, Taiji boasts capabilities of independent research, development, characterization, and mass production of the core components of membrane electrodes and their main materials, anti-reversal catalysts, gas diffusion layers (GDL), etc for fuel cells. The annual production capacity of membrane electrodes for fuel cells exceeds 4,200 megawatts, with an output value of more than 3.8 billion yuan. With the strong support of the government, it was recognized as one of the key projects of Foshan in 2019, and was awarded the Foshan Seed Unicorn Enterprise in 2021. Taiji is committed to the research, localization and batch development of fuel cell core components and their raw materials. Since its establishment, Taiji has been advancing with the goal of striving for a future of hydrogen energy with the core technologies, endeavoring to achieve the dual-carbon target and sustainable and clean development. Dedicated to revolutionizing core components and their raw materials for PEMFC.


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