Fuel Cell Air Compressor DK600

Manufacturer: Yantai Dongde Industrial Co.,Ltd


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Detailed Introduction


  • Adopt air bearing design with independent intellectual property rights, no oil, no wear;
  • The integration of intake and exhaust body adopts integrated design;
  • The system supports CAN2.0A and CAN2.0B (consistent with the vehicle controller);
  • Both the motor and controller have been verified by IP67 and EMC tests, with third-party test reports;
  • The system has over-current and over-temperature protection functions;
  • The controller has the function of fault recording


Application Areas:

Fuel Cell Systems


Technical Specifications:

Weight 9.6kg
Dimensions 342*256*186
Fuel Air
Cooling Type Water cooling
Max Ambient Temperature 65°C
Min Ambient Temperature -30°C
Working Voltage 450~750V
Max Power 17KW


Company Brief Introduction:

Yantai Dongde Industrial Co., Ltd is a leading Chinese supplier for the hydrogen energy sector, heavily invested in R&D and a state of the art manufacturing facility for the production of Diaphragm Compressors for filling and HRS,Hydrogen Fuel Cell BOP such as Hydrogen Circulation Pumps, Air Compressors for Hydrogen Fuel Cells.

Dongde has more than 400 Chinese patents, thanks to the crew of engineers with 5 holding doctorate degrees, who have been working very closely with global leading players in the hydrogen energy sector.


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